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Top 100 Products of 2005

Top 100 Products of 2005

Nos. 91 - 100

Perhaps the best board out of MSI's stables in 2005, the P4N Diamond received a full 5 out of 5 stars from us and also received our Most Overclockable Product Award for its extreme overclocking capabilities. Going the Intel route has never looked so good.

The first motherboard to bear MSI's Diamond branding, the K8N Diamond came with high-end features never before seen in its time. It was also one of the pioneers to introduce heatpipe cooling for motherboard components and responsible for setting the standards of enthusiast nForce4 SLI boards.

The ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe closed 2005 with a bang as one of the most desirable motherboards for any AMD enthusiast. The top-end nForce4 SLI X16 chipset is given the ASUS touch of quality engineering, ultra-silent cooling and topped off with an 8-phase power circuitry for unrivaled stability.

One of the rarer desktop Pentium M motherboards in 2005, the 915GMm-HFS is one board that is made with a complete media PC in mind. Where else can you find a PC motherboard with native HDTV support and a full range of connectivity through YPbPr, S Video, D4, DVI and D-SUB.

Innovation is the key driver in the industry and the ULi M1695 chipset is an amazing product that delivers ultimate chipset flexibility to the mainstream consumer. Triple graphics, chained PCI Express or even PCI-X, the M1695 can deliver. To top it off, its performance even matches the NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra.

Delayed though it may be, but ATI's CrossFire technology is without doubt the pinnacle of graphics innovation in 2005. Besides introducing ATI's Supertiling rendering, CrossFire also delivered an easier and more accessible way to run multi-GPU graphics with less hardware restrictions than NVIDIA's SLI.

Breaching the gigahertz barrier, Corsair's matched pair DDR2-1000 DIMM modules are the ultimate enthusiast memory. It has more than enough bandwidth to spare for the 1066MHz FSB Intel platform and what sets it apart from the competition is its ultra low latency operation of 5-4-4-9 CMD T1.

Corsair's XMS series are already widely known to be one of the best enthusiast memory available, that is until they launched the XMS XPERT series. For the first time, users could rely on the high performance XMS modules while having real-time monitoring through a programmable LED display - a world's first.

There are DIMM sticks, DIMM sticks with heat spreaders and then there is the OCZ Gold GX. If you thought memory cooling designs have stagnated, you'd be dead wrong. OCZ designed their Xtreme Thermal Convection (XTC) honeycomb heat spreaders for maximum thermal effectiveness - where conventional means cannot possibly achieve.

Using the new nForce4 SLI X16 Intel Edition chipset, Gigabyte delivers the true meaning of multi-GPU technology well ahead of its time. The GA-8N-SLI Quad Royal is the first and only motherboard today with support for a quad x8 PCIe SLI configuration (that is four graphics cards if you were counting).

Yup, if you've been counting, that's a hundred of the best products in 2005. If you think 2005 was exciting, you'd be in for a real treat this year as we are really expecting a bumper crop in 2006. However, don't get stressed out yet as the frenzy hasn't really started. So, take it easy for now and leave the headache to us as we continue to bring you more news and reviews of the hottest products and coolest gadgets in 2006 - and at the same time, tell you what is really worth your investment.