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Surf's Up with Mobile Web Browsers

Surf's Up with Mobile Web Browsers


Surfing - Mobile Style

Mobile phone users have seen how a simple cellular device has evolved into the smartphone that it is today. With the performance levels akin to a PC system, it is undeniable that the tech enthusiast would expect no less for their own mobile devices. As we see the introduction of more connectivity options on mobile devices that are also speedy, it is inevitable that users will be looking out for the best experience when it comes to web browsing.

In general, most smartphone devices nowadays are bundled with a standard web browser. Those that run either the Windows Mobile or Symbian S60 platform have their respective built-in browsers such as Internet Explorer Mobile, Web Browser for S60 or even Opera Mobile. With the advent of the iPhone and iPod touch, we've also seen the introduction of the mobile version of Safari. Now, the question that begs for an answer is, which web browser is well suited for you? Taking into consideration that each web browser is designed for a unique operating system, we will outline the features of each web browser.

Closewise from top left: Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile, Opera Mobile, Web Browser for S60 and MobileSafari.