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Sony's BRAVIA Extravaganza

Sony's BRAVIA Extravaganza

Meet The Rest Of The BRAVIA Family

Meet The Gang


NX Series

We promised to impart more juicy bits on the three new BRAVIAs, so here they are. The NX range will incorporate similar features as the flagship LX series, but minus the 3D perk. To complicate things a little further, Sony's Full-HD NX series is separated into two sub-categories, the NX700 and NX800. The 40-inch NX800 comes with a 200Hz Motionflow rate, while the 40 and 46 inch NX700 has just 100Hz to contend with. All NX models, on the other hand, are powered by Edge LED backlights and a BRAVIA Engine 3 video processor. Furthermore, the NX suite will offer full network features such as online video streams, widgets (including news, sports and weather information) and Wi-Fi.

EX Series

The more affordable EX series does not offer a frameless design but it does have its share of charms like a DVB-T tuner and 1080p resolution except for the KLV-32EX300 model.

If you thought the NX series was complicated, wait till you check out the EX line-up. The mid-range EX suite will span across five sub-categories, the EX700, EX600, EX500, EX400 and EX300. Spanning from 32 to 60-inch sizes, the EX700 and EX600 will hit the shelves with LED backlights while you can safely expect the rest to be CCFL-based. Designed with power-savings in mind, the BRAVIA EX series will come equipped with features such as an Ambient Sensor and Presence Sensor. The latter is supposed to turn off your TV automatically when it fails to detect your cosy presence after a period of time. The EX400 and EX300 series are currently available at all Sony outlets. To ease your budget plans, we have kindly appended the price list below for your reference..

BX Series

Lastly, if you happen to have a tight budget, then the entry-level BX series should be something you should look out for. There are two sub-models essentially. The 40-inch BX400 will offer a Full-HD screen although it does lack notable features such as a DVB-T tuner, MotionFlow enhancements and Edge LED backlights. Being the cheapest of the lot, the 32-inch BX300 is basically a HD-Ready LCD panel with little else to show. Similar to various models of the EX series, Sony's BX range is also currently available at all Sony stores.


Suggested Retail Pricing for EX and BX class BRAVIA TVs
Model Suggested SRPs
KLV-32EX300 S$699
KDL-40EX400 S$1299
KDL-32EX400 S$799
KDL-40EX500 S$1649
KDL-32EX500 S$999
KLV-40BX400 S$1099
KLV-32BX300 S$599