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Sony Ericsson Satio & Samsung Pixon12 - 12-Megapixel Takeover!

Sony Ericsson Satio & Samsung Pixon12 - 12-Megapixel Takeover!

Design & Handling - Sony Ericsson Satio

Mr. Big

Big. That's the one word that would aptly describe the Satio. Even our mannish hands were slightly stretched to fully accommodate the monstrous 3.5-inch screen. In fact, you'll probably bemoan the fact that this big boy will fill up your pockets and leave no room for anything else. On the bright side, the Satio didn't feel overly heavy with its 126g weight.

With the Satio running on the Symbian S60 version 5.0 operating system, we relied mostly on its touch navigation to do the work. In doing so, the same old problem arises - fingerprint smudges. And in Satio's case, the prints are all over the place, including the rear. At first sight, the glossy Satio is an absolute delight to look at, but given a few minutes of usage, the aesthetic value slides a few points down.

Even though it is a touchscreen device, buttons are quite prominent on the Satio. That being said, you have the standard Call/End buttons flanking the Menu button. A point to note here are that these buttons are just a thin strip, but it's raised sufficiently for easy access and provides great tactile feedback.

Its side profile is also littered with navigation buttons, especially the right side. Whilst most devices have the usual volume / zoom and camera shutter buttons, the Satio comes in with two more - Playback and Camera mode. In our opinion, these two buttons aren't exactly necessary, but it's still good to have to swap between camera modes and having quick access to your captured images at a click.

The Satio would have made us pleased with its slender design, were it not for its lens cover that creates an uneven backing. Don't get us wrong, we do appreciate the inclusion of a lens cover, but it does beg the question as to why use this, instead of a simple shutter cover.