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Sony Ericsson PlayNow plus - Swift Unlimited Music

Sony Ericsson PlayNow plus - Swift Unlimited Music


Sony Ericsson PlayNow plus Lands in Singapore

Sony Ericsson users out there might have seen and heard about PlayNow, one of Sony Ericsson's entertainment portal accessible via a Sony Ericsson device. And just a few months back, we were introduced to Sony Ericsson's PlayNow Kiosk that offers affordable DRM free music and movies to consumers when one docks and connects a Sony Ericsson device to the said kiosk. The stage has been set, and through a joint collaboration between SingTel and Sony Ericsson, the unlimited music service dubbed as PlayNow plus will be available to consumers, via the brand new Sony Ericsson W705.

The PlayNow plus service will be available exclusively to SingTel users who purchase the Sony Ericsson W705. Over a period of 12 months with the PlayNow plus service, you get unlimited music downloads on both your W705 and your PC client. Out of the box, the W705 will also come with 1000 tracks preloaded on it, so you can start grooving to the beat while you search for more songs to download. Other perks offered by Singtel when purchasing their mobile plan and the W705 phone include a 4GB Memory Stick, an additional year of free data usage, 90 days of free MP3 ring tone subscription service and the option to get a Passionate Red color model of the W705 (exclusive to Singtel only).

And, to reward consumers for choosing the PlayNow plus service, you'll be offered 200 DRM-free tracks based on the most often played song on your W705. You saw the word DRM? That's right, digital rights management will apply for songs that are downloaded over the 12 month period.

Traditionally, music phones have been coupled with PC clients to allow side-loading, the act of transferring and synchronizing your music files from your PC to your mobile device, and vice versa. Sony Ericsson took an alternative route and decided to do away with side-loading. We did ponder and enquired on the reason for omitting the side-loading feature, and will be exploring the pros and cons of both the mobile and PC experience in the upcoming pages.