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Are You Smarter Than Your Smart TV?

Televisions have come a long way since Philo Taylor Farnsworth engineered a working unit in 1927. Sadly, it was never replicated commercially. In many ways, televisions have remained as a "dumb" display device for decades. It doesn't "think" per se. And it does little else but display whatever content it's fed - be it TV broadcast signals or videos from external peripherals. But televisions have evolved since. Popularly known as Smart TVs, television makers are now marketing their wares like they're wondrous screens made to do magic. Question is, can they? And what makes a TV smart? Is a 3D display a Smart TV as well?

With our buying guide, we hope to quell these doubts and perhaps enlighten you on some of the things you should prepare for before buying one. Different Smart TV brands offer varying traits, like their navigational features for instance. Recent innovations from makers like Samsung and LG have also integrated their displays with intuitive voice and gesture controls, but they serve the same "smart" purpose predominantly, like offering you internet services, videos, apps, and so forth. So the real question isn't about which TV is smarter, but how you can make the most out of your experience with the Smart TV set. And more importantly, are you prepared for one? Check out the jump links to the right to dive into the details.


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Toshiba Unleashes Glasses-free 3D TV and New Laptop Models

Toshiba Unleashes Glasses-free 3D TV and New Laptop Models

FEATURE / 03 May 2012 / By Andy Sim & Leo Boon Yeow

The hotly anticipated glasses-free 3D TV is here, and Toshiba has more than the 55-inch RZ1 to show at their recent media event. Here are some of the highlights which include the newly introduced Power TV series as well as the new Qosmio and Satellite notebooks.

LG 55-inch LM9600 Cinema 3D Smart TV review

LG LM9600 55-inch Cinema 3D Smart TV - Full Assault!

REVIEW / 29 Apr 2012 / By Andy Sim

Topping the tip of LG's 2012 HDTV fleet is the 55-inch LM9600 Cinema 3D Smart TV. This premium model is armed to the teeth with full-array LED backlights, powered by LG's Nano technology with local dimming perks. It looks like the fight between the passive and active 3D factions just heated up by a notch. Check out our full review!

The Smart TV Buying Guide Essentials

The Smart TV Buying Guide Essentials

FEATURE / 23 Apr 2012 / By Andy Sim

Scouting for a new Smart TV? Worry not, for HardwareZone's technical guidance is on hand to help you make an educated choice with that next Smart TV purchase. We cover the A to Z of what you need to know of Smart TVs and handy tips to get you going.

Panasonic Reveals Smart Viera TVs and Home Entertainment Line-up for 2012

Panasonic Reveals Smart Viera TVs and Home Entertainment Line-up for 2012

FEATURE / 18 Apr 2012 / By Andy Sim & Hurrairah bin Sohail

We came face to face with Panasonic's 2012 AV line-up in the flesh, including their upcoming slew of Smart Viera televisions and a collection of home entertainment equipment. Here are the highlights of what we've gathered from the private seminar held at The Regent hotel last evening.

Sony BRAVIA KDL-55HX925 LCD TV review

Sony 55-inch BRAVIA HX925 - Top of its Game

REVIEW / 29 Mar 2012 / By Andy Sim

We take some time off to assess Sony's flagship Bravia HX925 Full-HD 3D TV although it has been in the market for some time now. We present our findings which we're sure will please many. If only it was affordable too.

Samsung South East Asia & Oceania Forum 2012

Samsung South East Asia & Oceania Forum 2012

FEATURE / 15 Mar 2012 / By Andy Sim

We're at Bangkok's Convention Center to partake in Samsung's yearly South East Asia and Oceania Forum event. Dig in to check out the onslaught of CE products Samsung has lined up in store for you!

Panasonic VIERA TH-P50VT30S 3D Plasma TV review

Panasonic VIERA TH-P50VT30S - Prince of Darkness

REVIEW / 25 Jan 2012 / By Andy Sim

Can Panasonic top the plasma race once again with its latest successor to the Viera VT20? Bestowed with a new Infinite Black Pro 2 panel and the now familiar Viera Connect platform for internet lovers, we took the VT30 out for a good spin to see if it's able to retain its crown as king of the PDPs.

LG 60PZ950 Plasma Smart TV review

LG 60PZ950 Plasma TV - A Blacker Shade of Pale

REVIEW / 17 Dec 2011 / By Andy Sim

It took this plasma screen a while to reach us, but that didn't dampen our enthusiasm in dissecting this 3D Smart TV from LG the moment it got here. So was it any good against the likes of its PDP competitors? We've got all the details for you!