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Sitex 2011 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

Sitex 2011 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

Headphones & Docks - Bose

Bose (OrangeComms, Booth 5J42)


Bose In-ear 2 Earphones

Bose's StayHear tip design may appear like Lucifer's horns but they actually offer a nice stable fit. On top of that, Bose also re-tuned the In-ear 2's acoustic design, now augmented with a new port to ensure a smoother and more natural sound. At only $135, this set of in-ears are a steal.

  • Sitex Price: $135
  • Usual Price: $149



Bose SoundDock Portable

It isn't part of Bose's regular portfolio to design portable SoundDocks, but here's an exception to that rule. The SoundDock portable promises spacious and sizable acoustics despite its size. The dock also rotates out of sight when you need to cart the unit around. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this SoundDock is a must-have for all iPod or iPhone wielders who like to carry their music wherever they go. 

  • Sitex Price: $579
  • Usual Price: $749