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Sitex 2011 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

Sitex 2011 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

Headphones - Audio-Technica

Much Ado About Headphones, Speakers and Docking Systems

Procuring a suitable pair of headphones isn't that difficult as long as you know your needs and habits. For instance, a decent pair of in-ear monitors (IEM) would be ideal if you enjoy listening to music whilst on your daily commute. IEMs are highly portable and they also provide ample passive noise isolation when you are out and about. Conversely, over-ear headphones may sport a bulkier form factor, but they also deliver a fuller listening experience. Closed-back cans would be ideal if you prefer to plug in to the amplifier or computer at home, for instance; all without disturbing your other half.

As for docking systems, here are a few things to note. While most of them are compatible with both iPods and iPhones, ensure the docking system is capable of charging both devices if that's what you want. For example, the "Made for iPod" label suggests that the docking station is only able to charge the iPod, and not the iPhone. Another rule of thumb to heed is the space-and-power equation. The larger the room, the more wattage you'll need to fill the room with sufficient volume. Essentially, an ideal speaker dock should enable you to enjoy music from your iPod or iPhone with minimal fuss.


Audio-Technica (Nubox, Booth 6D30/6E30)



Audio-Technica ATH-XS7

The XS7 combines portability and high fidelity in a durable Elastomer frame. Hailing from Audio Technica's "X-Street" series, this street-flavored cans feature generous 40mm dynamic drivers and improved bass levels to please the most demanding bass head. Also highly recommended for those who wants a light yet robust pair of headphones to withstand knocks and bumps.

  • Sitex Price: $78
  • Usual Price: $98
  • Promotion: FREE headphone drawstring pouch (worth $8)



Audio-Technica ATH-FW44

Who says headsets are boring and ugly? The ATH-FW44 would probably appeal more to the fairer sex with its fashionable ear pads decorated in real fur. It won't mess up your hairdo either, thanks for its slim leather headband. Fashion statement, anyone?

  • Sitex Price: $70.20
  • Usual Price: $78



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