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Shootout: Nokia N95 8GB vs. Samsung SGH-G810

Shootout: Nokia N95 8GB vs. Samsung SGH-G810


A Matter of Size

When it comes to form factors, the slider phone has been a popular option amongst consumers, and in truth, we do agree with this choice. Nonetheless, the road to a successful design is arduous, which has been well tread by Nokia when they introduced the original N95 and subtly enhanced on the 8GB variant. Screen size is always of utmost importance to the user, and that's where the N95 8GB shines, with a 2.8-inch TFT screen that supports up to 16 million colors. By contrast, the G810 comes with a slightly smaller screen size at 2.6 inches across, and with screen color depth support up to 256K, the crown definitely goes to the N95 8GB in this department with no contention.

Next up, we experienced both cameraphones with regards to their physical aspects, weighing in the options (literally) for the G810's 139g against the slightly lighter 128g N95 8GB. In truth, the 11 grams difference was not the issue here as it is quite negligible to us. It's the overall design that brought the deal closer to the N95 8GB. The G810 does promise a thinner profile at 17.9mm in height but the truth lies much further up when one discovers that the phone's sliding lens cover actually makes it slightly awkward to hold the device properly. In fact, this posed a problem in the sliding motion for the G810, whereas the N95 8GB's dual sliding screen that reveals the keypad and multimedia buttons alternatively is much smoother. Nonetheless, both devices did not suffer the flimsy sliding display that created much anguish for the N95 8GB's predecessor, the original Nokia N95.

After laying down the more obvious aesthetic differences between the G810 and N95 8GB's offering, we take a closer look and examine how the devices fare in the details. For one, both the G810 and N95 8GB models are on a common ground for audiophiles, providing a 3.5mm audio jack at the left profile that allows you to easily jack in your favorite headphones to enjoy your music on-the-go. Unlike the N95 8GB's position of its USB port at the bottom, the G810 places it at the left side which is more accessible for the general user.