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Shining Stars of LG Mobile

Shining Stars of LG Mobile

LG Mobile Press Tour 2007

It wasn't so long ago when the world was bowled over by LG mobile's sexy, black Chocolate slider handset. Wrapped in a glossy black exterior and with a touch-navigation panel that mysteriously fades away from view together with the LCD screen when not in use, it is easy to see why this reigning retail darling of LG mobile was destined to be a massive hit. At a time when many of her competitors were focusing heavily on lengthening the technical specification catalog of new products and expanding portfolio through an exhaustive range of handsets and functionality, LG's path to your heart was much simpler: design excellence that would appeal to your senses. By the last count, LG has five design centers globally with headquarters in the good old heritage-rich capital of South Korea. And expected of LG, materials that would instantly invoke a sensation of design and engineering quality will continue to be used in the production of LG handsets.

At the weeklong LG mobile press tour held last week in Seoul, Korea, seventy journalists from twelve countries in Asia observed the official unveiling of upcoming products and also announcements of new LG mobile technologies. The upcoming products in mention are the new LG Shine (though the LG Shine was already launched in UK in February) and PRADA phone, both of which are new additions introduced to strengthen its "Black Label" series, which also includes LG's runaway success story: the LG Chocolate phone. The new LG Shine, with its full metal build and mirrored finishing, is the second installment to LG's premium "Black Label" series, and is expected to shift in huge quantities like its Chocolate sibling in 2006. Next up is the highly anticipated PRADA phone, which is the result of a genuine collaboration between LG Electronics and luxury brand PRADA. Unlike other handsets to bear luxury brands, PRADA was actually heavily involved in the development and production of the PRADA phone. From selection of materials to the design of its uber cool user interface, PRADA was consulted and involved every step of the way. As far as the announcement was concerned, each PRADA phone will ship with a matching PRADA leather case in which to protect the glossy finishing of the phone from the element.

"In 2006, LG solidified its reputation in the world mobile market with LG Chocolate," said Dr. Skott Ahn, President & CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "LG will make another leap forward as a premium brand in the mobile industry, as we will introduce both LG Shine, the second handset in our Black Label series, as well as PRADA phone by LG." With this announcement, LG now has a strong lineup in its "Black Label" series to push ahead with its long-term strategy to install itself as a top three handset brand within the next couple of years.

Mr. Jae Bae, Executive Vice President of Overseas Sales & Marketing Division of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company added, "Asia, the Middle East and Africa are a vital part of our long-term strategy of becoming one of the top three handset companies globally by 2010, because we expect these markets to grow at double digit rates every year. We will continue to invest resources to increase our competitive advantage and double our market share by 2010 in these regions."