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SEK2006: Towards a U-Korea

SEK2006: Towards a U-Korea

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The Vision: A Ubiquitous Korea, a u-Korea

The annual SEK 2006 Solutions and Content exhibition marks the 20th time the event is continuing its illustrious run as the largest IT exhibition of its kind in Korea and the region, hosting 500 enterprises from 20 countries covering the newest software innovations and hardware advancements that would eventually trickle down into our homes. The beat this year however, is a little different; in addition to the usual eye-opening exhibition that spans across two halls, SEK2006 is also a media springboard for the Korean government's 'U-Korea Vision' and 'u-IT839 Strategies'.

"Korea's IT industry has been a main driving force behind the nation's economic development with rapid growth over the last two decades, its exports surpassing the USD$ 100 billion mark last year and accounting for 15% of the total GDP. But, it is now confronted with new challenges: the fast slowdown in growth rate of the domestic communication service market on top of the increasingly fierce competition in the overseas communication market. The IT industrial environment is also changing rapidly with the progress of digital convergence and ubiquitous technology." says Mr. Rho Jun-hyong, Minister of Information and Communication, Republic of Korea.

Mr. Rho also added that "SEK 2006 is a very significant event that presents ways of vitalizing the nation's IT industry; it showcases everything about cutting-edge IT, ranging from next-generation computers and software and various ubiquitous solutions to next-generation convergence services," and "It is also urgent to create an environment where large and small IT companies grow in balance by developing software and strengthening the competitive edge of components and materials."

These days, when Korea talks IT, the attention and interests it commands are expected to be nothing short of absolute reverence. Steadfastly backed by three Korean ministries and with votes of confidence from major domestic IT and electronics agencies, walking around SEK 2006 is the equivalent of experiencing tomorrow's IT technologies today. Our humble coverage should prepare you for what's ahead in time to come.

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