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Mid Year Gift Guide - Save the Economy!

Mid Year Gift Guide - Save the Economy!

If spending is saving the economy, then we really should start doing our part. Not only will you be making someone special happy, you'll be making sure the retail sector starts reporting decent results. With the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) just around the corner, it's a good time to get something special for your loved ones.

The editorial team behind www.hardwarezone.com has put in quite a bit of work in choosing and preparing a pretty comprehensive list of items that should help you decide what to get, though you could mix up the list a little for a surprise (if you think your loved one reads www.hardwarezone.com too!). With that said, we hope you will enjoy this guide and do leave us your comments in the discussion thread if we've helped you pick that right gift!

The guide is structured with regards to a family spanning 3 generations and as such we think we've covered the grounds to getting a gift for anyone. Here are the hotlinks to home in to the right category or you can use our usual page navigator at the bottom.

Gadget Gifts for Anyone!