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Samsung's Big Bash - The 3D Eagle has Landed

Samsung's Big Bash - The 3D Eagle has Landed

3D LED-backlit TVs

3D Cometh, For Real

There was an undeniable buzz going on about 3D-ready displays ever since the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) announced the imminent arrival of these stereoscopic sets. Although Sony was quick to announce its launch of the LX900 here, the 3D-capable BRAVIA won't grace your racks till the later part of the year. Samsung, however, was already preparing to land the killer blow. Besides launching a barrage of HDTV models today, with new models surfacing from the LED, LCD and Plasma categories, the Korean chaebol is also determined to trump the competition with a comprehensive 3D solution in the home entertainment scene. Note that there's at least one 3D-ready model from each panel category. More importantly, these 3D-ready sets, the LED 7000 in particular, are shipping in before the month is over, while the rest of the 3D TVs will follow suit in the second quarter.


According to figures provided, Samsung managed to sell more than 2.6 million units of their LED-backlit TVs worldwide last year. For 2010, they will rest their crosshairs on the potential success of 3D displays and 3D Blu-ray players. Included in the mix are three new LED series - C7000, C8000 and C9000. All of the new LED models (to be accurate, they are all still LED-backlit panels) will cart Full-HD panels along with Samsung's built-in 3D video processor and emitter. Besides supporting multiple 3D standards, these TVs are also compatible with half and full HD resolution formats. However, no word has been given on their prices thus far.

Typical of Samsung, they won't rest their laurels on just 3D technology alone. For example, all three LED series are packed with applications (dubbed as Internet@TV), which includes YouTube, Twitter and Skype widgets. They also offer Wi-Fi connectivity besides a wired Ethernet option. That said, here are some pictures of Samsung's LED 3D TVs in action. Hit the jump for more scoop on Samsung's latest LCD and Plasma series. Oh, and their 3D Blu-ray players too.


Samsung's LED Series - Key Features

LED 9000 LED 8000 LED 7000
3D 3D 3D
Full HD / 200Hz / Ultra clear Full HD / 200Hz / Ultra clear Full HD / 200Hz / Ultra clear
Ultra slim design Slim design Slim design
Crystal design (brushed titanium) / Square stand Crystal design (brushed titanium) / Quad stand Crystal design (bronze metal) / Quad stand
3D HyperReal Engine 3D HyperReal Engine 3D HyperReal Engine
4 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet port Precision Dimming 4 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet port
ConnectShare Movie 4 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet port Skype on Samsung TV
AllShare (Wireless DLNA) Skype on Samsung TV ConnectShare Movie
Internet@TV ConnectShare Movie AllShare (Wireless DLNA)
Personal video recorder ready (2 tuner) AllShare (Wireless DLNA) Internet@TV
Touch remote control Internet@TV Personal video recorder ready (1 tuner)
  Personal video recorder ready (1 tuner)