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Remembering Steve Jobs

Remembering Steve Jobs

Our Readers Pay Tribute to Jobs

While companies such as Google have paid their tribute to Jobs in the most humble manner, there’s another group of people who have been deeply affected by Jobs’ passing: our readers.

From the moment we broke the news, we’ve had comments pouring in from Facebook, with words of thanks to the co-founder of Apple for enriching their lives. Truly, as one of our Facebook fans said, it was “a sad day for all geeks and those who believed tech can be simple and fashionable.” Others have also expressed how sorely Jobs will be missed, and thanked him for bringing some of the best technologies into our world.

Our forums lit up when news broke of Jobs' death. As our users posted words of condolences on the forums, they reminded Jobs’ contribution to the tech industry. As our forum member Soulhacker said, “Steve Jobs manage (sic) to bring the cool out of geekness in his product”.

Amidst the sea of comments, ten_david197 made a point that resonated with everyone: “Mention iPhone or iPad and it is instantly recognizable by anyone…”, and that is “the result of marketing and technology that simply works, and works well enough for billions to enjoy splurge money on…”.

But more importantly, we were reminded of how Jobs’ passing is the end of an era. As cal127 puts it, “Whether you liked the man (or his accomplishment) or not, it’s hard to deny that this is the end of an era”.

Jobs was just one man. But he was a singular inspiration. We leave you with a video that speaks volume of Jobs’ legacy, and his principles – the Stanford 2005 Commencement Address.