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PC Show 2010 Coverage - Part 1

PC Show 2010 Coverage - Part 1

The Great Singapore IT Sale! + AMD's Booth

PC Show 2010

The Great Singapore Sale may appeal to the ladies, but we all know that PC Show 2010 will appeal to everyone that's interested in gadgets, and we're thinking there's just no better time than now to get your latest electronic gadgets. As usual, we've popped down to Suntec City, where the PC Show 2010 will be held from 10th June to 13th June to get you the best deals and information to save you money! Here's our own video highlights of the show to get you started:-

If you're the sort that want to wait till the last day, fret not as we have an online repository of the brochures collected during the show for you to compare and get a better deal. There are a lot of brochures, so you can always rely on our coverage to get a better idea on what to focus on. Also, be sure to check out what the forum users are saying about the deals at PC Show or check out our Twitter feed for our live coverage while we were at the event earlier on.

PC Show 2010 Live Twitter Update
Get real-time updates of the latest bargains over at our HardwareZone Twitter page. As usual, we're looking forward to your questions and contributions for PC Show 2010 so add in the #pcshow tag if you spot any great deals when you're there! Let the buying frenzy start!


PC Show 2010 Live Discussion Forum
Our tech and bargain-savvy community is already abuzz about PC Show 2010 at our PC Show 2010 forum. So, before venturing to Suntec City, drop in on the discussions and latest news.


PC Show 2010 Brochure Download
For those of you who would like to see all the show brochures, check out our HardwareZone PC Show 2010 Brochure Download section.


AMD's Booth