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Comparison Tests for LX3 and LX5

Video Interview with senior executives from Panasonic Corporation

As promised, here's our video interview with senior executives from Panasonic Corporation in relation to the announcements of the five new LUMIX cameras and four new camcorders we reported just a few days ago. 

Panasonic Shooting Tour with LUMIX DMC-FX5

After the announcements in a press seminar, Panasonic took us on a shooting tour to the town of Otaru, which is about an hour's bus ride from Sapporo. It's a quaint, harbor-front town, with touristy shops that sell everything from confections, soft serve ice cream, glassware to music boxes and trinkets. We had both an LX5 and the FZ100 hybrid camera with us. We also brought along the older LX3 so that we can take side-by-side shots.

Basically, while we used to shoot one camera one after another, conditions may change (light, distraction, positioning). We decided to take the cameras and shoot them side-by-side simultaneously using Intelligent Auto mode. If we shot them on manual, it would be mentioned. Here are the results.


Since we were in Hokkaido and walking the streets of Otaru, we figured we should capture some of the local delights. Here's a comparison shot of Hokkaido crab with both the LX3 and LX5 set to the Food mode (accessible via the SCN indicator on the mode dial). We wanted to see if the cameras were intelligent enough to decipher what we're shooting and compensate for low-light, over saturation and so on.


Quick Experiment with the LUMIX DMC-FZ100 Hybrid Camera

We were also given the hybrid camera -- LUMIX DMC-FZ100 -- to test. This camera allows you to shoot Full AVCHD HD videos, comes with a 60 frame per second high speed burst shooting function (3.5 megapixels) and 11 frame per second (for its full 14.1 megapixels) as well as the Intelligent Zoom function up to 32x. Here are some sample shots from the camera.


Well this concludes our event coverage of the Panasonic Digital Imaging Seminar 2010 in Hokkaido, Japan. We hope you've enjoyed highlights of our coverage. Do look forward to our full reviews of these products when they arrive on our shores soon.