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Only If You're Rich - HardwareZone V-Day Special!

Only If You're Rich - HardwareZone V-Day Special!

Plenty of Cash to Spare?

Plenty of Cash to Spare?

If you're reading this page, it means you either too rich for comfort or just really curious. Here's where we've loaded the really expensive stuff that's bound to make you drool with envy or drive you crazy. That said, it's all in the spirit of fun, and we're not responsible for the fallout if you've decided to promise any of the following gifts to your significant other while drunk.

Cray XT5 Supercomputer

Nothing says I love you like a supercomputer can, and you can bet this is one she doesn't have lying around the house from that ex of hers who seems to have bought her everything already and still calls a bit too much. Show off your nerd-cred by helping her set up her first ever scalable Linux supercomputer with 192 AMD processors of the 12-core variety, probably in the kitchen, and remember to buy a few extra power plugs - she'll never look at you the same way again.

Price: US$50,000 per cabinet

GnG iPhone Case

So you got the girlfriend a brand new iPhone, but then you realize that she's now none too happy because, well, it's the same phone as almost everyone else. Luckily, you're still swimming in riches and have enough cash for a iPhone casing from Russian designers, GnG. Made from carbon fiber, covered in 18-carat gold while encrusted with 600 diamonds, this case will only set you back US$108,000, which means it's still pretty affordable, right?

Price: US$108,000

 Leica M7 Hermes Edition

Photography enthusiasts would understand what it means to buy a Leica camera as a gift - a hole in the pocket. But you do get top-notch imaging quality. But why not up the ante, and get a more premium gift - the Leica M7 Hermes edition. With only 100 units under this limited edition, the full-frame Leica camera should net you a lot of brownie points, if the recipient is a full-fledged shutterbug and a sucker for limited edition items.

Price: US$12,950

SilverTAG Shower

A spa package for two in sunny and idyllic Maldives is perhaps one of the most romantic gifts a lady can receive. But if you are somehow afraid of boarding an aircraft, why not consider the awesome SilverTAG shower? Positioned as a hydrotherapy device, the SilverTAG shower has six zones of shower heads that has independent pressure and temperature controls. Furthermore, it comes preloaded with specially designed sequences to help you relax after a hard day's work. What's more the SilverTAG Shower can be customized to your exact specifications, one that works for two at a time then?

Price: (approximately US$100,000)

Tesla Roadster

It's every ladies dream to cruise down Orchard Road in a sports convertible with the top down and then enjoy as everyone else looks on in envy. And if your bonus package is fat enough, why not fulfill her deepest desires with the electric-powered Tesla Roadster? However, don't for one minute think that it is a slow ride. With a 0-60mph time of less than 4 seconds, the Roadster is a bona fide performance car, and you'll be hard pressed to keep up with her in anything less than a true Italian exotic or a souped-up Japanese import.

Price: US$109,000

Trip to International Space Station

For the ultimate experience that's out of this world, hop onboard the International Space Station. At an estimated cost of between US$20 to 35 million each, this out-of-the-world trip literally brings you to the final frontier - Space. Despite the price, it's no luxury junket. You may even have to conduct research as part of the deal, not to mention the rigorous physical preparations beforehand. At least you'll get the chance to upgrade your mile high club membership to something really exclusive.

Price: Up to US$35 million

Vertu Diamond Phone

If you swim in a pool of money all day and absolutely detest the thought of your significant other using a phone that's similar to everyone else, why not grab a customized gold plated, diamond encrusted Vertu phone that's bound to be way off budget for everyone else? If you do get one (or two), make sure to let everyone know by whipping it out in slow motion, and to speak obnoxiously loud every time you make a call. Better yet, do it synchronized with your significant other at your exclusive V-day dinner restaurant. Not that we encourage being rude, but we're sure you get the drift.

Price: US$88,000