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Only If You're Rich - HardwareZone V-Day Special!

Only If You're Rich - HardwareZone V-Day Special!

Still Within the Budget!

Still Within the Budget!

If you're one of the few folks with bucket loads of cash to spend this season thanks to the economic recovery, then perhaps it's time to spend lavishly on a gift to impress the significant other. Mind you, this is the 'safe' page with gadgets that are still within a reasonable budget. Do not show your significant other the next page unless you're a millionaire, Bill Gates or the sole winner of the Chinese New Year Toto draw.

You've been warned!

 Apple iPad

While the Apple iPad technically won't make it in time for V-day, there's nothing written down that forbids you from promising your loved one a unit when it arrives. So why not promise her a super-sized iPod Touch and score some points while doing so. Get touchy together with the device when it finally arrives. In the meantime, you'll still have to plan for dinner, flowers and something to distract her from the yet-to-arrive product.

Price: From US$499

Canon S90 Digital Camera

There's no better way to way appeal to your soul mate than to target their narcissistic side. The Canon S90 is perfect for your dimly-lit moments with its sensor's reach of ISO1600, a trait not too many compact cameras claim the same of. Handheld shots of your candlelit dinner shouldn't pose as a problem either with the S90's speedy f/2 lens. If your date prefers to tinker with the camera manually, well, it's time to make them squeal with delight at the camera's easy to use full-manual controls.

Price: S$749

 LG Chocolate

Tradition dictates that there should be chocolates involved on Valentine's Day. But unlike any of those run-of-the-mill chocolate that melts in your mouth, we propose something for the tech-savvy people out there - the LG BL40 Chocolate. You can't eat it, but you can snuggle on the couch, in each other's arms and enjoy a movie on its 4-inch screen. So go ahead, whip out the Chocolate and impress your Valentine's date.

Price: S$998

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 Mickey Mouse

Hey, this isn't any old Mickey Mouse laptop, but a vintage Mickey Mouse featuring the character's classic look from before your girlfriend was probably born. Young lovers and young hearts will rejoice in the celebration of this old mouse's magical kingship, paired as never before with processor, RAM and the internet. Pair this with DVDs of classics like 101 Dalmatians, Cinderella and Steam Boat Willy and you're all set.

Price: S$649

Nexus One

Take your cue from Google when it comes to unlocking a lady's heart and get the unlocked, no-contract superphone, the Nexus One. All your favorite Google apps are integrated in a snappy package boasting one of the most vibrant displays on a smartphone now. Throw in the free apps available on Android Market and you'll have her hooked to the phone for good, leaving you free for the more important things in life, like WoW and stuff.

Price: US$529

Pink FF13 Lightning PS3 Slim

We are not trying to be a sexist here, but nothing can go wrong with pink on V-day and luckily, for every female gamer, there's the Pink FF13 Lightning PS3 Slim. Sold as an entire package showcasing a special Lightning design on the 250GB console, the game itself, and a pretty Ceramic White DualShock 3 Wireless Controller, your significant other might also get the subtle hint that you think she is as kick-ass as the ruthless and cool female lead in Final Fantasy XIII.

Price: S$512

World of Warcraft Spectral Tiger Mount

If your girlfriend is ignoring you this V-day to play WoW (V-day achievements!) then perhaps you'll need to get her attention with something more, shall we say, drastic? Grab the rare spectral tiger mount to make her character stand out, and everyone else jealous. She will definitely pour out her love for you in-game, and may even possibly send you that picture of her that you've been asking for when you got together just a month ago.

Price: US$999