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From Moscone Center - Apple WWDC 2009

From Moscone Center - Apple WWDC 2009

Welcome to WWDC 2009

It's WWDC 2009!!!

It's the time of the year again when thousands of tech-hungry Apple fanboys gather at the heart of San Francisco, and millions of other geeks stay rooted in front of their computers lapping up news about the latest Apple developments the moment the stories hit the tech blog sites. Yes, the Apple worldwide Developers Conference is alive and well, and this year's show had loads to offer when it came to the latest cutting-edge technologies. While rumors about an Apple netbook and tablet PC did not come true, what was present at the show includes a spanking new iPhone (well, sort of), upgrades to the Macbook Pro family, and of course, the much anticipated Snow Leopard operating system.

Sorely missing at the show was the God of Apple Gizmos himself, Steve Jobs. Though Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, Phil Schiller, did a good job in delivering the keynote speeches, we couldn't help but notice that he lacked the spark and charisma that Jobs was so well-known for. But the show must goes on and that it did as you will find out in the following pages.