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The Nokia Message

Back in December 2008 over at the same venue in Barcelona, Nokia's annual Nokia World event saw the revelation of a series of applications. And of course, the much awaited first touch-screen N-series device, the Nokia N97.

And in the continuing video coverage of the Mobile World Congress 2009, we give you a roundup and share our findings as we explored the Showcase Nokia ground. After the quick video summary, head on over to the next few pages to read more about the new E-series, Navigator, Classic and of course, the 8-megagpixel camera phone, the Nokia N86.

With the N97's availability marked within the first half of 2009, Nokia has quite a bit more on the near horizon as see in the video. We'll list them out again, this time with the aid of this montage below:-

Notice something missing? That's right, a long awaited update to Nokia's camera phone lineup, the N86, wasn't unveiled till much later through the show. Read on to find out more about all of the phones in detail over the next few pages.