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The Megapixel Monster Cometh - Sony Alpha DSLR-A900

The Megapixel Monster Cometh - Sony Alpha DSLR-A900

A Physical Comparison with the A700

Physical Comparison with the A700

Having said that, we've had the A900 for about a week before the actual launch, and we brought it through its paces. Needless to say, the A900, together with the HVL-F58AM flash gun, proved to be a pretty nifty tool for most situations.

Firstly, the physical aspects. The A900 measures 156 x 117 x 82mm, a good 14 x 12 x 2mm bigger than the A700. The A900 also weighs a good 127g heavier as well, but that's acceptable considering the size of the pentaprism and the inclusion of the new 35.9 x 24mm sensor.

The A900 also looks a little boxy. The grip is pretty big, but it fits comfortably in my hands. 25 adjustable knobs, dials and buttons adorn its magnesium alloy body, allowing you to access most functions at the touch of a button or the twist of a knob.

One of the key differences you'll notice is the inclusion of the top LCD info monitor. It may just measure a measly 2 x 2cm, but it displays your key information like battery life, shutter speed, aperture and the number of shots left on your memory card. Nothing fancy here, but yet it displays everything you'll need.