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Logitech Unveils New Tablet Accessories

Logitech Unveils New Tablet Accessories

Logitech Unveils New Tablet Accessories

Accessorize Your Tablets Today!

At a media event held yesterday, Logitech revealed market research that shows a high demand for tablet accessories (interestingly, the number one desired accessory seems to be a mouse peripheral of some kind). Logitech plans to meet that demand and is getting the ball rolling with a lineup including keyboards and docking station alarm clocks, with more to come.

Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2

Designed in collaboration with accessories manufacturer ZAGG (most famous for their invisibleSHIELD screen protector) the Keyboard Case is machined out of military grade aluminum and serves as a protective case for your iPad 2 when not in use. Connectivity is enabled through Bluetooth with the iPad 2 being held in grooves in either landscape or portrait orientation. It's available now at a recommended retail price of S$139.


Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad and Android 3.0 Tablets

Available for either Android 3.0 tablets or the iPad, the Tablet Keyboard lets you connect a compact island-style keyboard through Bluetooth connection to your device. The two versions are functionally identical, with the exception of specialized OS keys. Both versions also include media shortcut controls including volume up and down, play and pause. 

Each keyboard comes with its own carrying case, that also doubles up as a stand for your tablet.

The iPad version is available now at an RRP of S$95 with the Android version to follow in mid-September at the same price. 


Logitech Bedside Dock for iPad

The Logitech Beside Dock combines a charging dock and speaker with an alarm clock. Featuring a built-in FM tuner and 2-inch drivers with bass intensifiers, the dock also serves as a reasonable mini stereo replacement. One nice touch is that it lets the displayed clock on the dock always automatically sync with your iPad's clock.

The Bedside Dock will launch in September for S$99.