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Loewe Composes a 3D TV for the Individual

Loewe Composes a 3D TV for the Individual

Loewe Composes a 3D TV for the Individual

New 3D TV Competitors

Loewe has a long and storied history when it comes to televisions, having started on one of the first display sets all the way back in 1929. With most TV manufactures now offering smart TV platforms and 3D, Loewe too has caught up to offer their edition dubbed the Loewe Individual. At their Singapore showroom located at Palais Renaissance on Orchard Road, they debuted the high-end series in two versions - one with a 46-inch screen and the other in a 55-inch screen size.

While Loewe is known for allowing the customer to mix and match different specifications and options to come up with the TV of their choice, we only got to view the 'ready to roll' versions of their offerings.

The Loewe Individual Series

Titled the “Individual”, this series from Loewe is targeted at the discerning viewer who prioritizes image quality above all else. With respect to design, the Loewe TVs are thicker than the usual fare that we're used to seeing these days. They also have wide bezels around the display which is a contrast to the bezel-less trend that we see from several mainstream competitors like Samsung. While the Loewe Individual is meant to be a design centerpiece for your living room, in our subjective opinion we found the series’ looks to be underwhelming.

The screens use ELED (edge LED) technology to light up the LCD panel. Optical lens quality glass covers the panel and is supposed to add extra functionality to your television such as a better viewing experience when subjected to sunlight. Cloudy and overcast conditions around the showroom area unfortunately did not allow us an opportunity to put this claim to the test. The feature is also expected to provide better depth of field for 2D images which was slightly evident.

Picture quality on the whole was impressive. The Loewe Individual televisions had good color representation but it must be noted that our hands-on experience testing was limited. It should be common knowledge that settings and environments in a showroom are usually rigged to make the television look as good as possible. Hence we will refrain from making a definitive judgment on performance until we have had a longer hands-on session with the displays in our own controlled lab test room.

3D Performance

Seeing that 3D functionality has already established itself and is a desired complimentary feature in today’s market, the Individual Compose models also have this capability. Using active shutter glasses, we found that the 3D feature on the Loewe Individual Compose boasted good depth of field which contributed to the realism of the effect. Viewing angles were also quite impressive. However, we noticed tearing and ghosting in areas of high contrast displayed on the screen. Slight ghosting was also evident for objects displayed in the foreground.

DR+ Functionality

Another interesting feature of the Loewe Individual televisions is the provision of an built-in 500GB hard drive. Loewe terms this feature as DR+ and enables the user to record and playback content, just like a personal video recorder (PVR) device. We can see this feature being a boon for sports lovers who can use it to control their viewing of live events. Furthermore, the ability to play movies, music and display photos both, wired and wirelessly, makes it such that it seems the Loewe Individual Compose televisions have a built in media player.


Other Notes on the Loewe Individual

Unfortunately though, the new displays from Loewe cannot be considered as true Smart TVs. While they have an integrated web browser they do not have an applications platform or any third part content providers on board. Seeing that smart functions are right up there with 3D capabilities as the major evolution of TVs in recent times, their omission does greatly reduce the functionality of the products. No doubt that it makes their TVs simple to use, but folks looking for alternative content channels via a smart TV platform would be disappointed.

The Loewe Individual Compose televisions come with a variety of setup options. Standard table stand and wall mounted options are available. But you can also get different screen lift, floor stand and even specialized Loewe Rack versions to prop your television up.

At the event Loewe displayed its new top of the line 55-inch and 46-inch versions of the Individual Compose with 3D functionality. Both models are available now and you can check them out yourself at their showroom. Prices are as follows.

  • Loewe Individual Compose 46-inch 3D TV - $9558
  • Loewe Individual Compose 55-inch 3D TV - $14358


Loewe Connect Series

Connect is the name given to its midrange series by Loewe. These televisions feature LED Backlighting technology and are a step down in size as well. The Loewe Connect is available in 40-inch, 32-inch and 26-inch versions. It must also be noted that 3D is only available with the 40-inch and 32-inch models, while the same sizes can also be purchased without 3D if so desired.

The Loewe Connect also has a lower refresh rate of 200Hz when compared to the 400Hz of the Loewe Individual Compose. While technically this puts the Connect at a disadvantage when it comes to rendering fast action, motion sequences, our own experience with these refresh rate options aren't anything to be concerned about. Beyond 200Hz, it's very hard to notice differences, if any.

In other respects though, the Connect is quite similar to the Individual Compose series. It also features the DR+ function with a built-in 500GB hard drive and has the ability to stream content wirelessly through Wi-Fi.

While you might be compromising on specifications and hardware slightly, the Loewe Connect televisions do come at a lower price point.

  • Loewe Connect 40-inch TV - $7158
  • Loewe Connect 32-inch TV - $4699


Loewe Art Series

The lower end of the Loewe Televisions is titled as the Art and it offers simple, out of the box usage. Available in a 47 / 46 / 42 / 40 / 37 and 32-inch sized models, the Loewe Art still offers full HD display with LED backlights. Unfortunately non support 3D functionality as these televisions are targeted at those looking for a simple screen. A refresh rate of 100Hz is the lowest amongst the entire Loewe lineup but the Art still has DR+ functionality accompanied by a built-in 250GB hard drive. Prices for the Art range are as follows.

  • Loewe Art 47-inch TV - $6799
  • Loewe Art 42-inch TV - $6199