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Linux on the PS3: First Encounters

Linux on the PS3: First Encounters

Installing Fedora Core 5

Getting the Necessary Files

  • First, on your PC, create a folder on your storage media and name it PS3.
  • Create a subfolder within the PS3 folder and name it "otheros", without the inverted commas.
  • Copy the official installer downloaded earlier (Item 3 on our checklist. Filename: otheros.self) to the otheros folder.
  • Burn the PS3 Linux Addon ISO and extract the file "otheros.bld" from a folder called KBOOT. This is the Kboot bootloader. You should place this file into your storage media in the otheros folder together with the installer.
  • Burn the Fedora Core 5 DVD. (You'll want to do it at low speeds to avoid errors)

Prepping the PS3

  • You'll need to allocate space for the Linux OS so to do that, we go to the PS3 System Settings and choose the "Format Utility" option.
  • There is a choice of leaving the whole partition for the PS3 or give 10GB for the Other OS, in this case, Linux. There wasn't any way to give Linux a partition greater than 10GB. We guess that it's because the minimum hard drive on a PS3 is 20GB and naturally, you'll need some space for your PS3 game saves.
  • Allocate 10GB to Other OS and format the new partition. It should take a few seconds at most. Reboot the PS3.
  • After formatting and rebooting the PS3, insert your storage device, USB mouse and keyboard.
  • Go to System Settings and select "Install Other OS". This will install the bootloader from the storage device and will take less than a minute.
  • While still at System Settings, choose "Default System" to be Other OS. You're now all set to install Fedora Core. Reboot the PS3 first.

Fedora Core Installation Procedures

  • The Kboot loader should start up and after initializing a ton of stuff, you should get a prompt. Insert the Fedora Core DVD and type at the prompt "install-fc sda"
  • Answer yes to the next question and soon you will be prompted to select between Fedora Core Minimal or Full install. Choose the full install option and that should take slightly more than two hours. Meanwhile, there will be a progress bar displayed on the screen.
  • If your installation was done properly, you will get another prompt when it reaches 100% completion. You will then be asked to insert the PS3 Linux Addon CD that you burnt earlier.
  • On completion, reboot the system and upon doing so, you will get a prompt asking for a root password. Once you're done with that, reboot again.
  • This time, you should get the Fedora Core login prompt. Login as root and type "startx" to get the default Gnome Desktop. Before that however, you should get a config screen where you can adjust settings like network, printers, time and date, etc.
  • Congratulations, you now have Fedora Core 5 running on your PS3.