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LG INFINIA TV Asia Press Tour 2010 - Day Two

LG INFINIA TV Asia Press Tour 2010 - Day Two

LED There Be Light

The Secret Behind LG's LED Technology

Having been wowed by row after row of sleek televisions at the showroom, we proceeded next to the Demo Lab upstairs where a cozy little room awaited, decked with a geeky arrangement of cut-away TVs and exposed electronic circuitry which goes into the best of LG's LED and 3D engineering. We were lucky to have Mr Bogeun Chung, Senior Manager of LG's Customer Magazine Review Group, and his team of engineers who gave us an informative tour on how LG achieves what it did today with its current lineup of 3D and LED-based sets. Needless to say, we feasted on what's been offered.

There are namely three types of LED backlights deployed by LG: Edge LEDs, IOL and IOP. The LE7500 model, for example, uses Edge LEDS with local dimming features. IOL, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward in that the LCD display is lit up by an array of white LEDs located directly behind the panel. Being so, it is easier to control the illuminated area with such an implementation. Premium INFINIA models such as the LE8500 are incorporated with LG's IOP technology. In simple words, the panel is illuminated by partitioned segments, with LEDs surrounding each block to provide a more precise form of local dimming, compared to Edge LEDs which relies heavily on another layer known as the lightguide plate to diffuse the light direction. As such, IOP and IOL backlights are supposed to produce a higher contrast ratio and specific area of illumination, compared to Edge LEDs which are still slightly susceptible to backlight bleeds.

We'll let these pictures speak for themselves if you're unconvinced by what they can do. It looks like LG has taken LED backlight technology to a whole new level. Indeed, IOL types are able to produce high levels of brightness since all of the diodes are packed behind the panel without allowing light to scatter. The same also goes for the IOP breed with its segmented layout. Judging from what we've seen, black levels achieved are almost close to that of plasma screens. Controlled dispersion is the name of the backlighting game. Well done LG.