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The iPhone 4 Mega-Guide

The iPhone 4 Mega-Guide

The iPhone 4 Mega-Guide

The iPhone 4 Mega-Guide

Are you ready for the iPhone 4 launch in Singapore? Or for that matter of fact, how should you get ready for the arrival of the iPhone 4? To put things into perspective, let us start from the official announcement, when the iPhone 4 was introduced in June 2010.

What is the Apple iPhone 4?


Do you really know what the iPhone 4 is, and what are the improved features from its earlier 3GS versions? To get you started, here's our report from WWDC 2010 when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4 to the world.

 Apple's Antennagate

Of course, in between the major announcement, there was a slew of iPhone 4 related news. Some good, some bad, and some controversial. The most prominent one would be what is now dubbed in infamy as Antennagate - when your hands make contact with the iPhone 4's external antenna in a "death grip" that drops the signal strength. What has been said over this antenna issue?

1. Apple asserts that it's not an issue, you're just holding it the wrong way. In the end, a press conference was held to address the whole issue. Just before the press conference, there was speculation of what Apple will be announcing. And that we did, albeit in a reverse manner, on the top 5 things Apple won't say at the press conference.

2. During the press conference, Apple stated that the antenna issue is an inherent problem with all smartphones. demonstrating how it affects other smartphone makers like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and many more. Nonetheless, Apple made the decision to give out free Bumper casings that will isolate the external antenna from any direct contact with your hands. We rounded up the important highlights of the press conference over here.

What did we think about Antennagate?

 Was Antennagate really a big incident, and will it affect iPhone users all over the world? We did explore this subject, bringing up the point that what happens in the States, might not be indicative of what will take place here in Singapore. We dived deeper, trawled through the web to determine the truth about the "death grip".



Where Art Thou, White iPhone 4?

 During the Antennagate press conference, the white iPhone 4 was announced to be ready for shipping by end July. Alas, that fell through after Apple announced a delayed shipment of the white iPhone 4 to an end-of-the-year date. The actual date hasn't been confirmed, but there has been talk on the challenges behind the white iPhone 4 and the reasons for its delay. A sad day for our colleague, when he explained why he chose the black iPhone 4 instead.


Should you Upgrade to an iPhone 4? 

Now, with all the background information in place, the biggest question that should pop in your mind right now is - should you get or upgrade to the iPhone 4 or iOS4 for your earlier iPhone 3G and 3GS? There are various factors to consider, so to keep it simple, we've laid out all the pros and cons for the iPhone upgrade.



Choosing the Right iPhone 4 Price Plans 

If a decision is made, and you're gunning for the iPhone 4, what's the next logical step? To choose your point of purchase. A few days before the official launch date on 30th July, the three Singapore telcos, namely M1, StarHub and SingTel, revealed the iPhone 4 price plans and the subsidized iPhone 4 prices. We went through the list, did some calculations, and provided an analysis of the various price plans that are tailored to the individual user.


The Top Five iPhone 4 Accessories to Get

 We also understand that buying an iPhone 4 isn't just about the phone, it's also about the accessories and dolling your iPhone 4 to its best. From Bumper cases (which will be made available and free to customers at a later date), to new iPhone 4 docks and earphones, we present the necessary iPhone 4 accessories to get after your iPhone 4 purchase.


Alternatives to the iPhone 4

 After all that, are you convinced about getting the iPhone 4? No? Well, we have that covered too. If you're not an Apple fan, there are alternative Android smartphones that have similar features to the iPhone 4. They include the Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire, Google Nexus One, Motorola Milestone and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. That said, you can check out a list of advantages these alternatives have to offer over the iPhone 4.