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Intel @ Computex 2010

Intel @ Computex 2010

3D Without NVIDIA, K-SKUs & Wireless Display

3D Without NVIDIA 3D Vision

Intel demonstrated 3D Blu-ray playback on notebooks based on Intel Core processor with Intel HD graphics. The demonstration was done with a prototype notebook from Dell and it uses a new kind of display that does not require expensive 120Hz LCD screens and messy setup with clunky transmitter for active 3D glasses. Instead, the display polarizes both the left and right eye images so that users need only use a passive and inexpensive polarized glasses to view 3D movies. Needless to say, the display cost is much cheaper than those required by NVIDIA's 3D Vision. Currently, only one manufacturer (CPT) produces these panels and it may be a while before these start to hit the market.


The New K-SKUs

The new Intel unlocked desktop processors now delivers enthusiasts with unlimited overclocking freedom. Currently only available in two SKUs, the Intel Core i7-875K and Intel Core i5-655K are identical to the existing Intel Core i7-870 and Intel Core i5-650. Without the core ratios locked, there's much one can do to boost the performance of their PCs and only the brave will get more than they bargained for. The new Core i7-875K and Core i5-655K are priced (1ku) at US$342 and US$216 respectively.


Intel Wireless Display

Demonstrated during CES in January this year, Intel's Wireless Display technology will soon be available. The technology allows notebook users to transmit their display's content wirelessly (through WiFi) to their TV. On the TV's end, you'll have to install a receiver which will connect with your laptop to receive the display content and then display it on the screen. Through compression techniques (we were told that they would use lossy compression algorithms which can somewhat degrade quality), they can transmit full motion video at up to 720p resolution. Expect Intel to improve this technology in the future as they have plans to further improve its quality and resolution.