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IDF Fall 2008 Update (Part 1)

IDF Fall 2008 Update (Part 1)

Intel Anti-Theft and Intel's $100,000 Challenge

Thieves, Beware!

Coming soon later this year, users can opt to use the new Intel Anti-Theft Technology (Intel AT) for Intel Centrino 2 with vPro technology-based laptops. With Intel AT, users have the option of activating an anti-theft service via a security ISV or service provider, which enables remote disabling of the PC and/or access to encrypted data in the notebook if it is lost or stolen.

Although not much was revealed about how Intel AT prevents data theft, what we could deduce from the demonstration is that the laptop will somehow always establish a connection with the anti-theft service and will disable itself once a theft has been reported. In the demo during the keynote, the service even went as far as activating the laptop's built-in webcam to capture an image of the thief. Now, how's that for swift justice?

Use Technology to Address Global Issues

At IDF Fall 2008's opening keynote, Intel Chairman Craig Barrett talked about how technology has contributed to advances in many areas during the past 40 years. In order to continue to the spirit of innovation and contribute to tackling global issues, Barrett challenged developers and individuals to come out with new innovative ideas to meet unmet needs related to four important areas, namely health care, economic development, education and the environment. Intel plans to award winning ideas in each of the four areas with a $100,000 prize. More information on the INSPIRE.EMPOWER Challenge are available at www.intelchallenge.com.