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IDF Fall 2007 Update (Part 1)

IDF Fall 2007 Update (Part 1)

32nm Chips by 2009....

32nm Chips by 2009

If you think Intel is going to rest on its laurels after successfully demonstrating technology leadership at 45nm, you're dead wrong. They have just only begun flexing their muscles. Demonstrating the industry's first working 32nm chip today at the Intel Developer Forum, Intel Corporation President and CEO Paul Otellini showed everyone that they are well on their way to building chips based on the next technology node. Although Intel has not yet shipped their 45nm processors codenamed Penryn, the announcement demonstrates their commitment to delivering the highest performance chips in 2009, with products under the codename Westmere.

The first 32nm chips were built on 300mm wafers and it consists of test chips that incorporate both logic and SRAM structures. Each chip is no more than 118mm² in size and houses more than 1.9 billion transistors. The 32nm technology node will be based on Intel's second generation high-k and metal gate transistor technology. No details about the chip's new process technologies were disclosed.

The morning's announcements put Intel right ahead of its competitors. If they can deliver 32nm chips by 2009, Intel would have given themselves another two years to prove that Moore's Law is alive and well.