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HWM+HardwareZone.com Tech Awards 2012: Editor's Choice - Part 1

HWM+HardwareZone.com Tech Awards 2012: Editor's Choice - Part 1

HWM + HardwareZone Tech Awards 2012 - Bigger, Better, & Badder Than Before!

HWM + HardwareZone Tech Awards 2012 - The Most Coveted Awards in the Industry

Tech awards ceremonies are few and far between on our little island, especially those with accreditations recognized by the consumer electronics industry. However, hardly any other tech publication ever came close to what we've achieved today, having reached another milestone by our own count. Held at the Mandarin Orchard on 24th February 2012, HWM and HardwareZone paid tribute to a myriad of notable tech equipment and services from major brands introduced between December 2010 and November 2011. Now in its third year running, we honored a total of 38 prestigious companies with 71 awards via our Reader's Choice and Editor's Choice categories. These two segments can be further dissected into 37 Reader's Choice awards and 34 Editor's Choice awards respectively. In essence, that's two categories more than what we've dished out in 2011.

Another significant statistic is the number of votes cast for our Reader's Choice segment. This poll was open to both HWM and HardwareZone readers to gauge which brands gained the biggest mind-share among consumers. Having secured about 80,000 votes last year, we achieved yet another breakthrough with a whopping 155,000 votes placed in a brief four-week span. By comparison, that's almost double the number of votes we've garnered in the previous year. In retrospect, a total of 138 brands vied for the 37 Reader's Choice titles in all. Interestingly, a larger percentage of votes were cast from readers' mobile phones rather than conventional platforms such as PCs or laptops used in previous years. Quite obviously, this shift in Internet trends also reflects an increasingly mobile-savvy populace on the whole. If you'd like to view these numbers in detail, you may check out our Reader's Choice 2012 results

Our Editor's Choice category covered a total of 159 products, veraciously tested by our team of 15 writers over the end of 2010 and for most of 2011. The winners were selected for their merits, based on deciding attributes such as design, user-friendliness, performance, features, and value. Our Editor's Choice awards have also evolved with the times to reflect popular consumer trends. New categories such as Best Headphones and Best Tablet have been included in this year's bout, if only to name a few. To find out how we managed to cover such an extensive list of products for the Tech Awards, feel free to peruse our video below to gain a better understanding of what really goes on behind the scenes at HardwareZone. As you can probably tell, we do take our work VERY seriously.

Enlightening, yes? Now, back to the Editor's Choice awards, due to the number of categories, we've split this article into two parts - consumer electronics and computing. Today, we'll be looking at the best in consumers electronics. For individual scores and breakdowns for each product category, just hit the appropriate jump in the drop list located at the top or bottom of the article. Have fun!

*Note: Prices and ratings listed in this article are accurate at the time of individual product evaluation.