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HTC Touch Dual: Two's Company

HTC Touch Dual: Two's Company

Duality of Choice - Touch or Type

It seems HTC has been having a good year with its foray into our local market with the HTC Touch during the month of June. Hence, it is of no surprise to us when we received the invitation to have a preview of the HTC Touch Dual, the newest addition (and even more to come) to the Touch series in HTC's lineup. As its name implies, the major difference between the Touch and Touch Dual is the inclusion of a secondary keypad. According to HTC's website, there should be two sub-models available. One with a 16-key keypad and another that has a 20-key QWERTY keyboard. However, the local HTC representatives have mentioned that HTC will only be bringing the 16-key version in the Asian market.

The TouchFLO interface returns on the HTC Touch Dual, but with some much needed enhancements and additional features to boost its innovative performance as well. Specifically, the newly enhanced TouchFLO interface allows one to slide to the next message with the swipe of the thumb from the left to the right, or vice-versa. Image viewing on the HTC Touch Dual is further enhanced for single-handed rotating and zooming using a semi-circle and full circle gestures respectively.

For those who felt that the original Touch was a little slow on response time, the specifications on the HTC Touch Dual have been given a major upgrade. Instead of the 200MHz TI OMAP 850 CPU on the Touch, the Touch Dual will feature a 400MHz Qualcomm MSM7200. The Touch Dual is now a full fledged 3.5G (HSDPA) device in terms of network support, though Wi-Fi is sorely missing on the HTC Touch Dual. Beyond that, you have the standard Mobile Office suite running on Windows Mobile 6.0.

Stay tuned as we give you a greater perspective on the latest addition to the Touch series by HTC in the days to come.