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HP Arms Itself With a New Edge

HP Arms Itself With a New Edge

Edgeline Technology: The Breakthrough

HP's latest Edgeline print technology will satisfy the printing demands of enterprises in moving forward and beyond existing print technologies. Yes, that's what HP is hoping to accomplish with this new ink-based printing technology. Supplemented by its massive stable of inkjet and laser printers, HP now has a strong and complete suite of printing solutions to comprehensively satisfy print hungry corporations and businesses. The new technology, it seems, has arrived at a time when there is an increase in companies shifting towards a pay-per-use printing model to save further reduce operating costs.

Birth of HP Edgeline Technology

The beginnings of Edgeline can be traced four years back at a time when the market was starting to mature to ink based and electrophotographic (aka laser) printers. What every imaging and printing vendor was looking at then was a landscape of continuingly fine-tuning existing ink and laser technologies in an effort to capture more market share and to remain competitive. There just wasn't anything remarkably groundbreaking to further improve upon prevailing ink and laser technologies. HP's strategy however, was that too but they didn't just stop there.

For a long time running, it's almost common knowledge that ink-based printers, though slow, are particularly good for printing in small volume and for high quality photo productions. It's not hard to understand why because ink-based printers offer the brightest, most saturated colors and the widest color gamut on photo papers. Laser printers on the other hand, are perfectly suited for high volume, low cost per page general purpose print jobs on normal office papers with emphasis on the sharpness and blackness of text. With that said, this is where HP steps into the fore of innovation. The mission was simple: combine the color vibrancy of ink technology with the speed and low cost per page of laser technology.