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HardwareZone Iron Tech 2008: Philippines Semi-Finals Round

HardwareZone Iron Tech 2008: Philippines Semi-Finals Round

Introduction & Venue

This article is also contributed by Jason Marges from the HWM Philippines team.


It was a regular Sunday afternoon made extraordinary for the patrons of the Greehills Shopping area in San Juan, Metro Manila as the folks from HardwareZone Philippines, in collaboration with MSI (Micro-Star International), staged the Philippines Semi-Finals leg of the HardwareZone Iron Tech 2008 on 14th September 2008.

Highlighted by an on-the-spot contest of skill, strategy, and composure, Iron Tech 2008 pit six of the country's savviest PC enthusiasts in an intense competition which lasted over four hours. For those of you new to the HardwareZone Iron Tech competition, and to keep a tab on the overall proceedings of the event, do check our HardwareZone Iron Tech 2008 Microsite . The competition mechanics, while not as tough as those we've in-store in the Grand Finals, the Semi-Finals is still adequate to keep the contestants on their toes. In summary, here's what it consists of:-

  • Phase 1: The Rigging Challenge - Build the PC from scratch fastest and ensure it works!
  • Phase 2: The Setup Challenge - Setup OS, Drivers, Tools and achieve a stable overclocked state within an hour.
  • Phase 3: The Benchmark Challenge - Contestants' rigs are put to the limit to see who achieves the best results.

To keep in-line with the article focus, we'll move on to give you the lowdown of the exciting Philippines competition.

The Venue

The event was held at the ground level of the Virra Mall in Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila. Located by the mall's garden entrance side, the Iron Tech stage was an instant attention-grabber for all mall-goers, regardless of their familiarity with and passion for PCs and technology, as a whole.