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A Guide to the New HardwareZone.com

A Guide to the New HardwareZone.com

Product Guide - The Product Guide Homepage

The Product Guide Homepage

As we've mentioned on the earlier page, the Product Guide forms one of the most important pillars of the new site. Segmented into various product categories, the Product Guide allows you to navigate to your desired product group to acquire all related information pertaining to it. Clicking on “Product Guide” on the left navigation brings you to the Product Guide Homepage, an aggregation of all our reviews and products created in the database (sorted by date). Also note that the Product Guide section on the left navigation column is now expanded, but you can do that even from the main page by clicking on the arrow.

If you are interested in a specific product category, you can expand the Product Guide dropdown menu from the homepage and click on your desired category. The following screen capture is assuming you've clicked on the Graphics Cards category, which brings you to its homepage or channel. Here, you'll find all information pertaining to the product segment only, i.e. Graphics Cards in this example. Reviews, news, latest products available and a brand jump list specific to this product category are readily available at your disposal.

The default view shows the latest editorial articles that pertain to this product group. You can however toggle the view to show a full list of products available in this product category to find specs, product comparison features and other nifty functions like adding a product to your wish list. You can change this view mode on the green bar situated at the top of the page with one of these options - "All Articles | All Products". The below is a screenshot of the Graphics Card guide listing all the products in the database when toggling the "All Products" view mode.

To quickly narrow down a specific brand of products in this category, you can instead use the brand/manufacturer filter options to assist you.

On this listing page, you gain a few useful functions:-

  • You get to browse all the latest products that are in the market listed chronologically.
  • Take note of review ratings for products that were tested by the editorial team.
  • Find out if any community member has written their own mini user review of the product.
  • Select a product for comparison which other products in its category.
  • Add an item to your Wishlist - a special section for you to 'e-store' preferred products for further follow-up. For example, cost tabulation to build a new system or noting down the best shops to plan your purchases.

If you know what  product you're looking for specifically, then type away in our search bar located on the top right corner of the site. We highlight more on the search options and results in this section.

Next, we show you the functions and options on the individual product detail pages.