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A Guide to the New HardwareZone.com

A Guide to the New HardwareZone.com

Product Guide - The Product Detail Page

The Product Detail Page

When you've identified the product you're interested, you would have arrived on to a page similar to the screenshot below. This is the Product Detail Page and it contains a wealth of information pertaining to the product. Here's what you get on the top half of a typical product detail page:-

  • A Product description along with related tags to find content of similar nature.
  • HardwareZone Award logos - if product has been reviewed.
  • Localized Launch SRP (suggested retail price) - if available.
  • Latest weekly updated shop prices - if available.
  • HardwareZone's detailed breakdown of Overall product rating and take-away pointers - if product has been reviewed.
  • Product Filter list by Brands/Manufacturers relevant to the product category.
  • A list of other new products of similar nature.

Next we focus on the various tabbed information that make up the bottom-half of the product detail page:-


  • Consists of Previews, Reviews, First Looks or other Features articles relevant to the product.
  • There may be more than one article relevant to the product and when they do exist, a prominent floating tab on the article will indicate the availability and selection.



  • A detailed list of the product's specifications.
  • Comes in handy when multiple products are selected for comparison.


Latest Price

  • When the product is available in local retail, its price will be updated on a weekly basis from multiple shops.
  • This service is unique to HardwareZone and is highly sought after.
  • Its functionality will be improved in the near future, so stay tuned.
  • For now a Watchlist function is included for the system to help you track and notify you when an item reaches your desired price point.


  • View more product pictures.
  • Be informed visually of what you might be buying into.


User Reviews

  • Find out what our community members think of the product and how they rate the product from their usage.
  • You can also write your own review of the product and rate it.