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The Google+ Experiment

The Google+ Experiment

The Impact of Google+ on Mobile Platforms

Google+ for Mobile Platforms


Google+ for Android

It's no surprise that Google isn't just limiting itself to the desktop to create the Google+ presence, with an Android app for the new social network all ready on the Google mobile OS. While it is currently available for download via the Android Market, the app is limited to the US market.

A quick search on Google using the terms "Google+ APK" should present the app for you to download. After that, it's simply a matter of transferring the APK into your Android device. Next, go to Settings  > Applications and ensure the "Unknown sources" box is ticked. Once that's done, download a file manager such as Astro, locate the APK and install the app to get the mobile version of Google+ running on your Android device.

Till now, the Google+ Android app has presented itself as another app that draws upon the social network feeds, with the ability to post updates and photos straight from your phone onto the network. Within the team, some loved how photos that are taken from your Android device are instantly uploaded onto the Google+ account, albeit in a private folder. This Instant Upload feature does come off as a useful tool, keeping your photos constantly backed up on your Google account.

Is Google+ Ready for Apple iOS?

Apple has made its stance very clear - to keep its iOS users close to each other by creating a strong ecosystem. WWDC was where the Cupertino-based company revealed its iMessage service, and iCloud was also revealed to showcase its cloud services against the likes of Google.

While Google might seemingly be another social network, the question is - will Apple allow its closed system to be invaded by Google+? Considering how Apple is working closely to integrate Twitter into its iOS framework, there's room for doubt on how Apple will reconcile this new social network that could put their users in a dilemma. Nonetheless, it has been heard on the web that Google has sent its Google+ app to Apple, awaiting the company's approval for their App Store.

Impact on Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is no stranger to integrating its services to the mobile platform. Its Windows Live service has covered what Google+ is attempting right now - to bring social services onto the mobile OS. During its initial launch, Windows Phone 7 chose Facebook as its social network partner. This is done on top of linking your Windows Live profile onto Windows Phone 7 for its email, calendar and even Microsoft's gaming network, Xbox Live. And through its upcoming Mango update, Windows Phone 7 will also see Twitter integration and the long-awaited Windows Live Messenger with group chat support preloaded onto the Microsoft mobile OS.

The truth is, Windows Phone 7's array of services are too fragmented, lacking the streamlined experience we see from Google. Google+, as it stands, is a direct competitor to what Microsoft is attempting to do - creating a unified experience between its desktop and mobile operations. As of now, we haven't heard of any potential partnerships between Microsoft and Google, but we won't discount the possibility of a developer itching to create their own Google+ app for the Windows Phone 7 platform.