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Going Ghetto: DIY iPhone Stands

Going Ghetto: DIY iPhone Stands

How to Create Your Own DIY iPhone Stand

Building Your Own DIY Stand

Our earlier examples have shown you how some of the daily accessories you use, can be turned into an effective iPhone stand. But if you do have some old stuff lying around, say building block toys such as Lego, you can tap onto your imagination and creativity to build your very own iPhone stand at no cost. Here's how we did it:


Finding Building Block Toys

Some of you might still be holding onto your old Lego toys, or in our case, a building block toy that we managed to dig out of the cupboard. The idea is to pick out suitable blocks that can be part of the construction. In general, look for squarish blocks that are smaller in size to allow for more flexibility.


Building and Securing the Base

The base of the iPhone stand is the most important portion, mostly focused on where your cable will be passing through. As such, make provision to have a small hole with sufficient room to hold the cable in place. Once that's done, you'll need to secure the base with stagger blocks to hold the base in position. After all, with the constant docking and undocking, you would tend to pull on the base, and that might topple your effort.


Building the Back and Sides

You'll need a solid backing to also hold your iPhone upright and steady. There are two ways to go about this: if you wish to have it upright, just build a straight wall and let the iPhone lean on it. If you wish to have it at an angle, you'll need more blocks to be staggered to create a slope for the iPhone to lean on. With the back done, you'll have to consider the sides to prevent the iPhone from sliding sideways.

The steps and materials that we have laid out here are just a prompt to start you up on the building process. There are a number of possibilities for you to work with, such as a dock that can swivel between portrait and landscape orientation. If you do have any particular unique design that you would like to share, feel free to showcase your masterpieces at our iPhone forum.