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GeForce GTX 460 Roundup - Sparking NVIDIA's DX11 Revival

GeForce GTX 460 Roundup - Sparking NVIDIA's DX11 Revival

Introducing the Cards


The ASUS ENGTX460 DirectCU TOP is the Taiwanese hardware giant’s flagship GeForce GTX 460, so it comes as no surprise that it sports a wide range of high-end features. The card sports ASUS' latest DirectCU cooler, which we first saw on their EAH5850 DirectCU TOP card. The cooler on this card is unique in that it has three flattened copper heat pipes which are in direct contact with the GPU core for better heat dissipation and hence cooling efficiency.

Also, the card comes factory overclocked to a heady 775MHz at the core and 4000MHz DDR at the memory, which is certainly substantial considering a reference card has clock speeds of 675MHz at the core and 3600MHz DDR at the memory. On top of that, it also comes with ASUS' Voltage Tweak overclocking utility, which allows users to adjust GPU core voltage values to achieve higher clock speeds.


Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 Super OC

Galaxy was one of the first vendors to give us customized versions of NVIDIA’s latest Fermi cards (remember their GeForce GTX 470 GC version?) and they are back at it again with the Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 Super OC. The card features the same detachable 'flip-fan' cooler that we’ve seen on their customized GeForce GTX 470, which allows users to gain quick access to the fan for easy cleaning and maintenance. Galaxy also claims that its cooler is quieter and also more efficient than the reference one.

The card won’t be called Super OC if it wasn’t significantly overclocked and so it is appropriate that the card is clocked at a heady 810MHz at the core, a 135MHz bump over a reference GeForce GTX 460. Memory clock speeds have also been given a substantial boost to 4000MHz DDR, up from 3600MHz DDR. And lastly, the card comes bundled with Galaxy's Xtreme Tuner HD overclocking utility, which is easy to use and allows users to adjust the all-important GPU core voltage values to attain higher clock speeds.