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Fujitsu 3.5G Winter Launch 2007

Fujitsu 3.5G Winter Launch 2007

Fujitsu's New 3.5G Products

Providing More Mobile Connectivity

Held at Borders Bistro was Fujitsu's launch of their winter series which showcased their new range of mobile lifestyle products embracing 3.5G via integration of high speed UMTS receivers. Supporting both HSDPA and GPRS connectivity, these new products promise to add more portability to users on the go. Sometime last year, the LifeBook Q2010 was one of the first notebooks in the market to boast of this capability, but now with its new range of notebooks, Fujitsu is taking a bold new direction by embracing 3.5G in full force to provide all user demographics with even more flexibility and convenience.

Take for example, the LifeBook U1010 UMPC, which now has added 3.5G capabilities, while retaining the features that made it a very well designed little companion. The LifeBook T2010, a tablet PC model, and the LifeBook P7230 notebook, have also been similarly enhanced. All of these updated models however, are not intended as a replacement for their current models. Fujitsu has stated that these models will actually complement the current lineup to provide more choices and price points for consumers.

Lim Teck Sin, Fujitsu's Associate Director for Product Marketing also unveiled the new LifeBook S6510, which using their new SlimEdge Design, houses a 14.1-inch screen in a 13.3-inch chassis, which comes as a surprising change from the previous S6140 model. Using a new magnesium-plastic alloy construction, the chassis is durable enough to support the slim edges at the side of the S6510's LCD display. For a 14.1-inch notebook, the S6510 is surprisingly light at only 1.7kg with the weight-saver option (and about 1.8kg for the normal version). As for the hardware specs, the LifeBook S6510 comes loaded with a speedy Core 2 Duo T7700 (2.4GHz, 4MB L2 cache) mobile processor, 1GB RAM and a 160GB HDD.