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A Feast of Centrino 2 Notebooks

A Feast of Centrino 2 Notebooks

Sony gets Closer To You

Sony Gets Closer to You

Sony's new found direction of saying that they intend to get Closer To You may seem like an attempt to turn into a big brother stalker type of corporation, but we'd like to state for the record that the new VAIO models will probably make us the stalkers instead (and probably you too).

Held at Fullerton Hotel, Sony's VAIO launch also saw the company giving a new meaning to the VAIO acroynm: Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer. VAIO had previously stood for Video Audio Integrated Operation, and the new meaning is part of Sony's new direction to make your notebooks part of your life.

In keeping with their functional beauty philosophy, Sony has kept the cylindrical centerpiece of the VAIO notebooks familiar but still making a few noticeable changes. The most obvious change would of course be the keyboard layout, which has been changed to what Sony calls an "isolated" design that helps to prevent mistyping and typing noise while making it easier for women with long manicured fingernails. Less noticeable is the use of carbon fiber for both the top and bottom covers of the unit, which gives the unit more durability. As a bonus, it's also not glossy, which means no ugly and messy fingerprint smudges. These design elements have actually been introduced sparingly in a few of their earlier models, but it's now being adopted throughout the new range.