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Experience it the Sony Ericsson Xperia Way in Tokyo

Experience it the Sony Ericsson Xperia Way in Tokyo

Insights on Sony Ericsson Xperia Marketing in Japan

Selling It Right in Japan 

Overview of Smartphone Market Trends in Japan

According to Ritsuya Oku, Deputy Director, Media Business Innovations Department, Dentsu Innovation Institute, Mobile Internet is more prevalent in Japan compared to surfing on the PC with the main driving forces being mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Social networking (Twitter and Facebook) is part of this movement; aside real-time interaction, consumers are also looking towards mobility and contact intentions.

Smartphone manufacturers target those who are looking for the latest in technology but they are now going after the fairer sex. Statistics and research have show that they are a viable and growing market. According to Dentsu Research, females use mobile phones more often than males.

Some example of marketing efforts include adding female-oriented apps, decorated email formats, focusing on the design aspects of the phone and building up a steady portfolio of accessories.

Creating the Xperia World

Sony Ericsson is looking to position Xperia smartphones as the number one Android smartphone brand in Japan. How will they be doing this? This include collaborations with 3rd parties for accessories, launch events, intensive peripheral product (Live View, Bluetooth headsets), application and service promotions. Part of the Xperia 2011 marketing objectives, Sony Ericsson has adopted a youth-centric marketing campaign that targets the younger generation and females. The 2011 branding activities include collaborating with MTV, music festivals, dance workshops, and the Kobe Collection 2011 Autumn/Winter fashion show. These events will be integrated with digital marketing strategies through social networking channels like Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook.

And this brings us to the end of our first part of our article. Next stop - the docomo Smartphone lounge, where we were given a tour of the NTT docomo Smartphone Lounge, a private area dedicated to smartphones and tablets.