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Enjoying a Decade of Portable Entertainment

Enjoying a Decade of Portable Entertainment

Timeline: 1999


  • The famous Singapore-based audio card company, Creative Technologies, banked on their forte and started on their own DAPs in the following year when the MPMan came out. The Creative NOMAD received its official unveiling at the 1999 PC Show, and kick-started Creative's foray into the portable digital audio business for the years to come.

  • Flash memory, as you might have noticed, had yet to pick up steam unlike what we see in our present time. With limited capacities of 32MB and 64MB, with possible expansion via its Smart Media slot, it was a whole different ball game with the introduction of a hard drive based DAP from Compaq's development team. But interestingly, its mass production was taken upon by another South Korean company, HanGo Electronics Co., Ltd. and came into existence as the Personal Jukebox PJB-100.

  • The infamous Napster came into existence in 1999 when Shawn Fanning created the online file-sharing site that specializes in MP3 distribution. Unsurprisingly, this formed another point of contention with the RIAA, and in a period when DAPs were getting popular, users found themselves embracing the MP3 file-sharing site, though the legalities of it at that time was highly dubious. Nonetheless, this formed the basis for future manufacturers to formulate their marketing strategy not only on the device front, but also on the content and services front.