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Dell XPS Notebooks Launch

Dell XPS Notebooks Launch

Dell XPS M2010 - The Ultimate Mobile Entertainment PC

Dell XPS M2010

Designed as the ultimate mobile entertainment PC, the XPS M2010 notebook with its stunning 20.1-inch screen is perhaps the most futuristically designed notebook from Dell yet. Equipped with Intel's Core Duo processor, an ATI Mobility Radeon X1800 graphics processing unit and the 20.1-inch widescreen (glossy) LCD display, the XPS M2010 is one of the highest specified 'portable' notebooks in the market. It is preloaded with Windows Media Center operating system, so you can also be sure that this cool entertainment device is a snap to use. Weighing a hefty 8.3Kg (for a so-called 'mobile' system), the XPS M2010 is designed with a sturdy carry handle that lets you transport the notebook around for LAN parties or other occasions without compromising one bit on the gaming and entertainment performance aspects - all for S$5,199.

So there you have it. For a start, Dell is only going to introduce these two XPS notebook systems in this region. There are no plans as of yet to bring in the beefed-up desktop system with NVIDIA Quad-SLI and Ageia PhysX processor in crazy chassis designs. Sad, but at their costs, it's definitely a gamble for them.

There are also no plans to bring in Alienware computers (Dell's latest acquisition) to Asia as Alienware's marketing and distribution will remain untouched. For those of you wondering if Dell and Alienware would ever merge their designs in future, we were told that both companies would function separately for some time to come (although we already feel subtle differences are seeping into Dell's latest models). From the standard PC-beige boxes of the yester years that typified Dell systems, it is interesting to see how Dell has progressed thus far in design and functionality. The brand new XPS notebook lineup clearly expresses this and we hope to see more of such innovation and progression to not only Dell's products, but in their competitors as well for the sake of competition and the benefit of consumer choice.