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Comex 2011 Buying Guide - Part 1

Comex 2011 Buying Guide - Part 1

AC Ryan

It's Showtime!

The third mega IT and CE bazaar of the year, Comex 2011, is underway right now at the giant halls of Suntec Singapore. From now till 4 September, between 12 noon and 9pm, you'll find all your favorite tech brands under one roof. As usual, we have collated some of the best deals and bargains from the show floor. But first, here's our video on some of the top deals from Comex for your consideration:-


Something special that's happening this time round is our partnership with Comex to bring you our PlayTest event right where it's all happening! We've lined up several partner presentations (from Canon, HTC, Samsung, SingTel and Toshiba) throughout all four days of the event to showcase their newest gadgets and services as well as to educate the audience on their benefits. Catch a sneak peek at a day in PlayTest@Comex!

TV Buying Guide Information

If you're on the hunt for TVs at the show, we've got an excellent HDTV Buying Guide that details everything you ever need to know when purchasing one. And to understand more about the Smart TVs, we've got a video detailing all the different platforms. So check them out to get a better understanding before taking that plunge.


Comex 2011 Shopping Resources

Remember to check out the HardwareZone Tech Show Portal for the latest consolidated shopping resources and updates.

For those interested in the individual resources, here are the links:

Comex 2011 Live Discussion Forum

Our tech and bargain-savvy community is already abuzz about Comex 2011 at our Comex 2011 forum. So, before venturing to Suntec City, drop in on the discussions and latest news.
Comex 2011 Brochure Download

For those of you who would like to see all the show brochures, price plans and more, check out our Comex 2011 Brochure Download section.

As an alternative, here's a backup link but it's not as advanced as the Tech Show Portal's alphabetized listing for easy viewing.

Comex 2011 Live Twitter Update

Get real-time updates of the latest bargains over at our HardwareZone Twitter page. As usual, we're looking forward to your questions and contributions for Comex 2011, so add in the #comex tag if you spot any great deals when you're there!



AC Ryan




Picks from HardwareZone

The Playone!HD Mini 2 plays almost every format available and that’s what you want when looking for a media player (especially a small-szied one) to play all your digital movies and music. Having HDMI as well as optical audio outputs will ensure that you enjoy your full HD movies in all their glory. Being their fan on Facebook will net you a $10 discount, and Citibank Card members will enjoy a further $10 off as well.

More information - HWZ Review

Comex 2011 Offer

  • Comex Price: $179 (Usual Price: $199)
  • Promotion: HDMI Cable Included, Citibank Card Member $10 off, AC Ryan Facebook Fan pages $10 off
With two Digital TV tuners, you can enjoy digital TV broadcasts as well as record them. There’s also an internal hard disk drive slot where you can slot your 3.5-inch SATA2 drives and a eSATA port if the internal hard drive isn’t enough. Enjoy high def video and audio as well (supports Dolby TrueHD) with the DVR HD.

Comex 2011 Offer

  • Comex Price: $379 (Usual Price: $448)
  • Promotion: HDMI Cable + Digital TV Antenna + 2TB HDD + WiFi 'N' Dongle Included, Citibank Card Member $10 off, AC Ryan Facebook Fan pages $10 off