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COMEX 2010 - Part 1

COMEX 2010 - Part 1

Welcome to COMEX 2010

Welcome to COMEX 2010

It's that time of the year again. Yes, the next IT show has arrived, this time in the form of COMEX 2010. Held at Suntec Singapore Halls 4 and 6 from 2nd to 5th September, it's a veritable feast of IT gadget deals and bargains. If you have been checking our COMEX preview, it should come as no surprise, but if you haven't been, here's the first part of our show floor coverage.

While we have captured a slice of the offerings at COMEX 2010 here, do join in the discussion with your fellow shoppers within our COMEX 2010 forum for there's nothing like crowdsourced advice. Our live Twitter coverage may have concluded but it's never too late to check it out and find out what others have been saying.

Before we take you through some of the best buys in each booth, here's our highlights of the show captured in video for easy viewing pleasure:-


COMEX 2010 Live Discussion Forum

Our tech and bargain-savvy community is already abuzz at our COMEX 2010 forum. Before venturing to Suntec Singapore, make it a point to drop in on the latest news and discussions.

 COMEX 2010 Brochure Download

For those of you who would like to see all the latest show brochures, check out our HardwareZone Comex 2010 Brochure Download section.

COMEX 2010 Live Twitter Update (** 2nd Sept 2010 **)

Stay tuned for our real real-time updates of the latest bargains over at our HardwareZone Twitter page. As usual, we're looking forward to your questions and contributions for COMEX 2010 so add in the #comex2010 tag if you spot any great deals when you're there! Let the buying frenzy start!


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