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Comex 2007: The Full Monty!

Comex 2007: The Full Monty!

Acer and Apple Booths

Comex 2007 Commences!

When the folks responsible for bringing COMEX told us that COMEX 2007 will be bigger and much better than previous years, they sure weren't joking. Unlike other annual local IT bazaars, all the major brands, including small ones, are all out in full attendance at COMEX 2007. Forget about going anywhere else in Singapore to splurge on IT and consumer lifestyle products because you'll not find a better venue that has every brand under one roof and at discounted rates other than COMEX 2007. On that same note, you can also forget about going anywhere else to see what's going on at COMEX 2007 other than here at www.hardwarezone.com. We do the walking while you do smart shopping, right in front of your computer, and if you're our DMCard member, you'll enjoy exclusive access to all the flyers of COMEX 2007 .

Acer's Booth

Apple's Booth