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CES 2011: Show Floor Coverage (Part 5)

CES 2011: Show Floor Coverage (Part 5)

Razer and Pixel Qi

Razer's Booth

Razer has been making a splash with plenty of new products, but the one announced at CES takes the cake with its very interesting form factor and design. The Razer Switchblade is a mini Intel Atom based notebook that's made for gaming and features a keyboard that changes dynamically depending on the game you play. Cool eh? Also announced is the Razer Onza, a Xbox 360 controller that finally makes a long awaited appearance.

Pixel Qi's Booth

We heard rumors of the Notion Ink Adam tablet at CES, and decided to hunt it down. We heard rumors of it being at the Pixel Qi booth (though really, it's just a small meeting room and not an exhibitor booth), so we headed down there. Sadly, the tablet was no longer there and Pixel Qi could only show us a tablet that uses their screen. Still worth a look though, but we were left disappointed.