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Casio Exilim Launch - A High Speed Affair

Casio Exilim Launch - A High Speed Affair

Casio Exilim Launch

A High Speed Affair

Despite the abysmal weather yesterday, spirits were high at The Arena located in Clarke Quay, where Casio hosted its Velocity Party to showcase the launch of its new Exilim cameras. The venue was packed with members of the media and Casio's partner dealers, as everyone jostled to have a look at the new cameras before the party began proper.


If you are keen enough, the name of the party offers clues as to what we can expect from Casio's latest Exilim cameras. If you've guessed speed, then you are right. The highlights of yesterday night's party were undoubtedly the two high-speed Exilim cameras, the EX-FC100 and EX-FS10. Both cameras have advanced features that allow you to take high speed shots of the exact moment you want.

To introduce these features, Casio invited special guests to share their experiences. First up was Edwin Tan, a professional photographer with years of photography experience. He lamented about how difficult it is to get kids to stay still, and that makes it tediously difficult to take good photographs of them. Edwin highlighted that Casio's new High Speed Best Selection feature might help. It works by taking a series of high-speed continuous shots of the subject, and then using in-built algorithms, selects the best image based on the blur level of the image, and whether the subject is blinking or smiling. In short, it selects the best image for you automatically.

Another interesting feature of Casio's latest Exilim cameras is the Slow Motion View, which was introduced by professional golfer and golf coach Theodore Seah, who brought his view that it aided him tremendously in getting his students to perfect their swing. The fundamentals of Slow Motion View are similar to High Speed Best Selection. It works by shooting a series of high speed photos, and then loops them in slow motion so that you can choose the photo at the exact moment you want. This can be very useful when shooting at sports events.

Casio also introduced their all-new Exilim Engine 4.0, which promises numerous improvements and features on the outgoing Exilim Engine 3.0. The Exilim Engine 4.0 introduces Dynamic Photo mode, a gimmicky but rather amusing feature which allows users to easily insert a moving subject out of a series of images onto other images.