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Canon Releases New All-In-One (AIO) PIXMA MX Printers

Canon Releases New All-In-One (AIO) PIXMA MX Printers

Canon Releases New All-In-ONe (AIO) PIXMA MX Printers

Printing Convenience

We were pretty impressed with the flagship model from Canon's last generation PIXMA MX printers, the MX886. But now it's time to draw the curtain on the 2011 PIXMA MX printer models and introduce a new lineup of PIXMA MX printers. While most of the previous models offered Wi-Fi, Canon has incorporated new features such as mobile printing as well as printing from the cloud to outdo the previous releases. The new printers will be available in end April and their prices will range from S$199 to S$399. Here are some of their key features:

Integrated Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) – The built-in ADF ensures multi-page copying and scanning are faster and more efficient. This round of PIXMA printers will all feature an integrated ADF.

Hybrid Ink System – Canon’s hybrid ink system utilizes both pigment and dye-based inks to achieve vivid colors in images and sharp-black text in documents.

Cost Savings & Eco-Friendly – All of the PIXMA MX printers comply to EU RoHS directives and the international Energy Star program, so not only are they eco-friendly, they are easy on the wallet too by helping to reduce the use of energy and resources. The MX897 and MX517 also feature an Eco Mode, which offers quick access to the Auto Duplex Printing function and also powers down the printer after a period of inactivity.

FastFront Design and Dual Function Panel

If you are a fan of the PIXMA series's glossy black exterior, you will be pleased to know that Canon has decided to retain that black coat for the new line-up. While the glossy black surface does make the PIXMA printers look attractive, it also makes the printers fingerprint magnets as well. We're guessing PIXMA owners may spend a fair deal of time cleaning up the fingerprints.

Canon has designed the PIXMA MX printers to provide easy access to ink tanks, paper settings, and even the paper input and output tray through the front of the printers. This allows users to position the printer with its back against the wall so as to save space, while still providing access through the front panels of the printer. Being so, we were pleased that Canon decided to not fix what wasn't broken by retaining the easy access to ink tanks and paper settings through the front of the printers.

As with certain models of the previous lineup, the control panels of the MX897 and MX517 also feature the Dual Function Panel. Depending on the task selected, the control panel will only display the relevant controls, while eliminating unnecessary controls. For example, the numeric keypad will be displayed when in fax mode.

New Features

Google Cloud Print

One of the new features available to the MX 897, which happens to be the successor to the MX886, is the ability to work with Google Cloud Print. We're sure there are times where you needed a document to be ready by the time you step into the office. Canon has found a way to accomplish that with Google Cloud Print, so users who are on the move can print their Gmail messages, Google Docs, and file attachments using their smartphones or laptops. This allows users to have their printouts ready when they return to their home or office.

Apple AirPrint

Lest you worry that Canon only has love for Google, then you will glad to know that the wireless models, PIXMA MX897, MX517 and MX437, all support Apple AirPrint. If you happen to own an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you can wirelessly print your photos, emails, and other documents with AirPrint. Do take note that this requires the printer and the device that you’re printing from to be on the same wireless network, unlike Google Cloud Print which only requires the printer to be connected to the Internet.

Fun Filter Effects and Enhanced Full HD Movie Print

Users may apply in-camera processing effects that are found in Canon cameras to their photos. The filters include Fish-eye, Miniature, and a new Blur Background effect, which allows users to effectively blur the rest of the image while keeping the main subject in focus. The Canon ZoomBrowser EX application (ImageBrowser EX for Macintosh) gives users the ability to print Full-HD movie frames, and now also lets users merge 5 to 30 frames of footage into a single image with the Merge Frames feature.

Models Print Speed Apple AirPrint Google Cloud Print Scan Resolution Wi-Fi Enabled Price
PIXMA MX897 12.5ipm (B&W), 9.3ipm (Color) Yes Yes 2400 x 4800 dpi Yes S$399
PIXMA MX517 9.7ipm (B&W), 5.5ipm (Color) Yes N.A. 1200 x 2400 dpi Yes S$299
PIXMA MX437 9.7ipm (B&W), 5.5ipm (Color) Yes N.A. 1200 x 2400 dpi Yes S$259
PIXMA MX377 8.7ipm (B&W), 5.0ipm (Color) N.A. N.A. 1200 x 2400 dpi N.A. S$199