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Boot Camp: Apple Sanctions Windows?

Boot Camp: Apple Sanctions Windows?

Boot Camp is Good for Everyone

Boot Camp is good for everyone

1) A Dream Machine – The MacWintel System

For ages, the Mac has always been the must-have gadget of every geek for its elegant hardware and software design that simply can't be matched on the traditional PC. Despite its worldwide cult status, only a small percentage of them actually owned it. Face it; there's only that much potential for a Mac with limited applications, so many people kept it at bay. Now that there's Boot Camp, one can buy a Mac system, operate OS X and all Mac legacy application while legitimately running Windows on the same system. So now you get the full software compatibility of a Wintel machine on a Mac and satisfy the age-old desire of having the best of both worlds; in essence, a MacWintel system.

2) Application and Hardware Choices Unleashed!

As mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits for Mac users is that they can now run applications that used to exclusively operate in Windows. With Microsoft dominating the operating system space, you've got to admit that there are far more applications developed for the PC than on the Mac. The tons of useful utilities, demos and applications in *.exe format that were once useless for a Mac will be a thing of the past now that it can boot to Windows as well to execute these. Even small but crucial applications such as those accompanying mobile phones, cameras and PDAs, primarily support Windows. Many peripherals (such as web cameras) that were once the domain of only Windows can now operate on the Mac. So less hassle and more joy as you know your system can handle any device with Windows and OS X running on the same machine.

Things are going to be very different now with Boot Camp bridging the world of the PC with that of the Mac, bringing with it near infinite possibilities, usage roles and more software/hardware compatibility all on one machine. Sounds like consolidation for the consumer side, doesn't it? Now you don't have to get two dedicated machines any more.